Saturday, December 17, 2011

Comfy Cute Pillowcases!

I had saved a tutorial for this on my trusty Pinterest account and like all other things I have saved I knew I loved it but never thought I'd have time to try it.  Until I was asked to make something fun for 2 little girls and after some brainstorming this was the obvious and cutest choice!!  These pillowcases are SO SOFT.  I just hope these sisters love them as much as I do :)

Kids Apron Cuteness

I was asked to embellish an apron for a little girl -- I never dreamed how cute (and simple) this could be!!  The fabric is actually 2 pockets and of course her name on there is so fun!  I'm thinking we could go so many ways on this, from individual pockets to frilly things to a more manly style.  How FUN!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another Letter & Number Shirt

I babysit for a fabulous family that has 2 girls and 1 boy.  Recently I made the girls some shirts for their birthdays.  I made an A and 6 to represent ones name and the others age.  They turned out adorable!  Love these kids, they are cute as can be!

DIY Taggie

Don't you just love Taggies?  Mason does.  They are cute and seem simple enough.  Obviously they come intricate but I figured a basic on might not be too hard.  My best friend just had a baby boy and what a perfect excuse to drum up some cute things for him!!  Hope he likes it!

Birthday Shirts

A friend of mine has a cutie 4 year old son and precious 1 year old twins.  With birthdays all at the end of year I decided to lump this post together so you could see everything.  The 4 year old says he LOVES Spider-Man.  So I went to Joann's and crossed my fingers that not only they would have something he would like but that would work in the shape of a 4--a tall order!  LUCKILY, I ran smack into this fabric and made a shirt that I sure hope he loved!

The twins will turn 1 in December and their mom went and picked up this cute fabric.  I must give her credit as well, she stumbled on these plain bibs and brought them to me to embellish for the kids and .... I just love them!!  I need to go buy up stock in these bibs.  I am sure the possibilities are endless here.  Thank you B!  I must say, these 2 kids were beyond cute in their bibs and shirts.  Happy 1st Birthday E & O!

Hooded Towel

There are so many hooded towel tutorials out there so I was able to come up with lots of ideas and styles.  This is the first item I sewed for a sale!!  Sam was turning 1 back in October and a friend of ours asked me to make him this item.  I love the lining on the edge of the hood so I'm thinking that's a keeper for the future and just simple letters on the back.  I have other ideas too though so stay tuned!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Halloween Shirt

I have a hard time finding the right Halloween shirt.  I don't like 'em too cheesy, but yet I like them to be cute.  So since I am on this crafting kick, I knew making our own was the only option.  This was made with heat transfer paper and my trusty Silhouette machine (which I love and cannot say enough things about).  I designed the image  and added Mason's name, love how it turned out!  I will get a photo of him in it too...but taking a photo of a running around almost 18 month old is so hard!