Sunday, November 27, 2011

Birthday Shirts

A friend of mine has a cutie 4 year old son and precious 1 year old twins.  With birthdays all at the end of year I decided to lump this post together so you could see everything.  The 4 year old says he LOVES Spider-Man.  So I went to Joann's and crossed my fingers that not only they would have something he would like but that would work in the shape of a 4--a tall order!  LUCKILY, I ran smack into this fabric and made a shirt that I sure hope he loved!

The twins will turn 1 in December and their mom went and picked up this cute fabric.  I must give her credit as well, she stumbled on these plain bibs and brought them to me to embellish for the kids and .... I just love them!!  I need to go buy up stock in these bibs.  I am sure the possibilities are endless here.  Thank you B!  I must say, these 2 kids were beyond cute in their bibs and shirts.  Happy 1st Birthday E & O!

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