Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July Cake Pops

Okay well first I have to rave about this new machine I got.  It's a Babycakes Cake Pop machine!  You read me right, cake-pop-machine.  Genius right?  I mean, for one it made it a lot easier to make the pops and for another thing, it made it easier to dip the pops.  Also, I wasn't the biggest fan of the taste of the frosting on the inside, I mean I have a sweet tooth so I liked it and ate it but these are a little lighter but still a great cake pop taste.

Anywho, after collecting and being inspired by so many 4th of July desserts on Pinterest ... in the end I was just too excited to make cake pops so that's what I made!  Turned out pretty cute too if you ask me :)  Still working on my technique for getting the chocolate super smooth but all in all not as hard as the original pops.  

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